Introducing the Automated Corona Virus Disinfectant Sprinkler System

The COVID-19 virus
The virus multiplies itself by remaining on the surfaces, our system provides technology that sprays approved sanitize/disinfectants to those targeted surfaces. Currently in all the places, disinfection is done manually which is time consuming, vulnerable to human errors and inconsistent quality. Our system gives reliable and consistent disinfectant quality.

Overview of the system

It produces an automated sanitization protocol which will keep surfaces that are commonly shared sanitized regularly without disturbing operations be it in a vehicle, bus, train or aircraft. The system gives control over budget on your sanitization needs as your are able to plan exactly, the sanitizer consumption.

Get an Approved Installer or Agent

Tegmul has designed and registered a world-changer sanitization system which will see the country in different sectors lifting the lockdown while mitigating significantly the transmission of the virus from person to person.

We are confident that this solution will allow the country and the globe come out of the lockdown, minimize the spread of COVID-19, offer sustainable jobs, upskill our people and bring massive growth to our GDP by extorting a protected solution.

We hear more in the interview from the founder of Tegmul, Mr. Zola Pato