How the Automated Corona Virus Disinfectant Sprinkler System Works

This is an Engineering solution that sanitises all common surfaces with the press of a button or a motion sensor or timer. The system disinfects the place before, after and even during the shift. This system also deals with the myth of the virus being airborne by continuously disinfecting the environment.

Its adaptability, flexibility, versatility, affordability and compatibility makes it ideal for multiple environments. Its a maintenance free installation.  It is also an amazing sanitizer saver allowing you to plan exactly how much sanitizer you need over a period of time. It is 12V, battery or solar operated.

In considering the rollout approach for South Africa and a wider global application, Tegmul has designed a system which takes into account the following key requirements:

  • Producing an automated sanitization protocol which will keep surfaces that are commonly shared sanitized regularly.
  • Getting schools, transport, home affairs, co-operative government, correctional
    services, defence forces, economic development, trade and industry, labour, health and faith-based services ready to go back to operation while reducing the risk of virus transmission in those diverse sectors.
  • Empowering South African companies, manufacturers, SME’s and ordinary South African citizens to deliver high quality installations and services by keeping the majority of service provision in South Africa and seeking to cross-train and upskill through a highly controlled rollout process.
  • COVID-19 solution knowledge transfer from our successful South African operations to the globe. This is an opportunity for South Africa to multiply its GDP by exporting the patented solution and skills.
  • Providing a solution that will support lifting the lockdown with very limited risk of virus transfer.
  • Massive controlled and formal job creation, opportunity creating, upskilling and training to install, manufacture, maintain and service the installation in all these diverse sectors.

Rollout Approach (24h/7days)
For speedy installations approved teams, service providers will be rolled out into provinces and into different sectors simultaneously. Teams will be installing this solution 24h/7days, quality assurance processes and certification processes will be ensured prior to the re-opening of facilities. All installation processes will be done without compromising social distancing and PPE will be provided as standard.

In the interest of behaviour-based safety Tegmul will appoint the expertise of an
independent safety specialist to drive and sustainable safety culture. This will include regular audits on sites during installations.
A safety officer from the independent safety specialist will be present during any high-risk maintenance work. In addition, responsibility for safety has been replicated
throughout the management structure, ultimately reporting into the Safety, Health,
Environment, Risk and Quality Director (SHERQ). All levels of management will take accountability for the safety and ensure visible, tangible leadership. Tegmul has a safety recognition system for all the employees every month.
Tegmul observes the WHO guidelines and pledges to always adhere to its
requirements. Our Safety management systems OHSAS18001:2007, ISO9001:2015
and ISO14001:2015 have reached a maturity level that have been certified and we have a proven track record of a good standing for the last 4 years.

Administrative services
Tegmul will perform all administrative services that are necessary to ensure installation and maintainability of the system. This includes the following services:

  • Legal, operational, franchising, licensing, international trade relations, recruitment and procurement.
  • Updates regularly provided to all government departments by way of summarized dashboard per department and per province.
  • Solutions will be purchased on a lease basis to avoid capital shock and also to
    create sustainable employment, ensure regular maintenance and ongoing system monitoring.
  • Key components/spare parts and sanitizers will all be locally manufactured.
  • Capacitating mechanisms and mentoring will be rolled out systematically.

Recruitment and development
Tegmul will recruit additional experienced and qualified EXCO, Top Management,
Middle Management and Lower management as well as qualified but inexperienced
technicians to be trained and developed, allowing existing appropriately trained staff to take up the new roles. Cross-training for talented technicians, artisans, manufacturers, service providers is a key element of Tegmul’s approach to sustainability, staff retention and personal development. It feeds directly into our resilience for this resource model and longer term sustainability.

Management team and Resourcing
In order to resource for the full rollout, we have already identified and engaged with
experienced senior personnel who will supplement our existing management structure,
heading up Engineering and Operations, Warehousing and Logistics, and Procurement
and Contract Management.